December 6, 2022

American Taliban aka The Tea Party

For those of you without cable open a new window and your favorite file sharing site and type in “HBO Newsroom” now. The Newsroom is a clever drama that Big Jus turned me on to that takes all the crazy shit that has happened in the past few years that we all know a little bit about and breaks it down into digestible bits of information. Trust me it’s class. If a hardcore news nerd like myself enjoys it, and someone like Big Jus who never gave a shit about the news likes it, they must be doing something right. Much of the show follows the rise of the Tea Party and the financing that allowed it to happen and last night I think this clip summed it all up pretty well. The Tea Party is a plague on the Republican party and real Republicans should be appalled at what their name has come to represent, much like how Christians should step up and shame all these freaks who come out and essentially bastardize and shame most mainstream Christians with their weird rhetoric and offensive, un-Christ-like actions. Anyways, if you want to know a good summary of the Tea Party, I hope this graphic helps.

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