June 9, 2023
monstertruck backflip, monster truck back flip, grave digger, america fuck yeah, tthu, thats the hook up

America Fuck Yeah / First Ever Monster Truck Back Flip

Nothing is more patriotic then casting your vot… Oh shit, is that a mother fucking monster truck doing a mother fucking back flip?

monstertruck backflip, monster truck back flip, grave digger, america fuck yeah, tthu, thats the hook up

The only time I ever voted was to keep W out of office and the Feds robbed me of that one. No seriously, laws were broken and the whole world had the wool pulled over their eyes. But don’t worry, because of crooks like old George Jr. we here in “Gods greatest country” have decided that there are better things to do then give back the Dakotas to their rightful owners, release unlawfully kept trophies prisoners of war, lead by example and disarm our nuclear arsenal or even resolve simple matters such as our over use of natural resources, fight against disease and help provide clean drinking water to 2nd and 3rd world countries.


I treat politicks like I do religion. I don’t preach and I hold nothing against you and your opinion. I encourage everyone to pursue their beliefs to their fullest. So please go vote because America, nay, the world needs more backflipping monster trucks!


I am not wishing ill upon anyone for their political beliefs or decision to take part in what really is Americas greatest privilage. I find people like Mr Proletariat to be incredibly inspiring. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so stubborn and would act in much the same way he has with his vote. Maybe I just have my priorities backwards. I mean, what do I know? I’m just an ex con with a bad habit of drawing on other peoples property. Society wants me put away for the rest of my life for a “quality of life” crime. In that respect you’re probably all better off with out my vote and I am perfectly happy to oblige.


Pick which ever ass hat you want. They all represent the same crooks and I truly feel I am a better person for not playing their game.


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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