June 10, 2023

Alife, Playboy’s Sneaker Feature and Marketing

Alife & Playboy? Okay, I get what they were thinking, “sex sells”. But is this the right kind of sex to sell Alife sneakers? Who subscribers to Playboy today? Are the majority middle aged men, probably married, with kids? Let’s say I’m wrong, they are single but still middle aged, they are not the type to go out and purchase street wear kicks (No offense to Alife). They should have advertised in another publication with a better fit audience like Vice. I am not not saying this because I am a fucking Vice worshiping wanna be hipster. Vice just makes more sense, it is the playboy of our generation, it is full of tits, drugs & rock n roll. I guess maybe they were thinking they could work it on the PR side, for example I am writing about it now but the same thing would have happened if they ran it in Vice. Furthermore do you want some blonde wanna be bombshell who looks like she is pushing 30 repping your shit? Or do you want a young hip Brooklyn chick? Or some beautiful ghetto fabulous babe? If I was in on that meeting I would have gone for the latter two. MORE AFTER THE JUMP

A Better choice
vice Photo by Kern
It is a possibility that Playboy went to Alife with the opportunity but still, do you want your line in Playboy? Next to ads for cigarettes, dip and brandy? Do you really think the average Playboy reader is going out and dropping dough on some kicks that say ALIFE across the side? Maybe, but I doubt it. Next time you want to run a marketing campaign, hit me up and I’ll lend a hand.

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[I know there were multiple brands in this feature, I chose to write about Alife because they are a young brand and I think different rules apply to younger brands.]

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