February 9, 2023

A weekend in the big apple

It had been a while since Leslie and I visited some friends down south so this weekend we took the bolt bus down to NYC. The bolt bus is like that tease who you always thought you could hook up with because she was always smiling at you and flirting but then when you finally made your move she acted shocked and told you she thinks of you as a brother. The reason I am saying this is because the selling point of the bolt bus is the free wifi-which is somehow worse than the 3g on my phone. So you drag your laptop and your power cord and your headphones and you are all excited about watching hulu or youtube and then you are stuck playing solitare or organizing your photos for 4 hours. Anyways, on to the trip.
So this trip to New York highlighted the pros and cons between NYC and Boston.
PRONYC-Televisions in cabs

PRONYC-Unlimited restaurant possibilities

CONNYC-Round the clock construction

PRONYC-Street Vendors! Obama finger puppets? Say something I don’t like!

CONNYC-Overpriced mixtapes that never sound as good once you get home.

PRONYC-A retail store for everything you could imagine. You want to buy $5,000 human skeleton? Go to Evolution in Soho.

CONNYC-$70,000 televisions. No one in NYC could get this into their apartment. Wouldn’t you rather have 5 Smart cars? Or a $700 projector?

PRONYC-T-KID box truck!

CONNYC-I’m out of cash, tired of mass amounts of people, and tired of searching for public restrooms. I guess I really am a Bostonian at heart. Thanks to Eric, Allison, Joe and Lis for an amazing weekend! Eric and Allison I’m sorry for barfing on your floor 🙂

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