February 4, 2023

A visit from the future (of music)

Fresh from his gig at London’s Corsica Studios, Etan dropped by to hook us up with his super-limited edition vinyl. This was released a few months ago with some of his remixes in London and never made it over to the states. He has a few left if you want to purchase one…and at the rate this kid is going I would highly recommend it. Let me take you back a bit. Ten months ago Etan approached me about putting out a Proletariat mixtape. He asked what I was looking for and I told him I was really into Miami booty bass. He said cool and then produced this.
Proletariat Mixtape Volume 1
Now, I know it is always the cool thing to say you liked something before it was cool and blah blah blah, but when Etan brought me this mix and I had already told him I was willing to drop hundreds of dollars to put it out I have to say I was nervous. The mix was like nothing I had ever heard, but it grew on me. So, after consulting a few friends I said fuck it, and put it out. Well, as you know the mix sold out in two weeks, and I have been listening to various electronic artists ever since. And now, 10 months later, Cadillac is bumping Justice in their commercials and Boys Noize is in GTA 4. Oh yeah, and thanks to his amazing skills, Etan is officially signed to Ninja Tunes alongside artists like Daedelus, Kid Koala, and The Death Set. So, as a thank you to all the people who bought the mixtape, here are a few unreleased songs from our friend Etan.
If I Ever (feat:MC Gus and Phoenix)
Just _us
Etan’s Myspace

5 thoughts on “A visit from the future (of music)

  1. Big ups to Etan…I bought that mixtape a while back and it actually got stuck in my car’s cd changer. I listened to it for about a month straight and never got tired of it. congrats on the deal man

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