June 8, 2023

A great excuse to eat and drink! (July 4th)

The older I get the more I realize that every holiday is the same. Christmas…open presents…get wasted on Egg Nog….Easter…eat eggs, drink Kosher wine….July 4th…BBQ and an American brew….Halloween….Reese’s and Blueberry beer…you see the pattern? Me neither…too much brew on the 4th, but I’m sure there is one. This 4th of July was like all the rest and yet like no other. My friends came up from NYC to see how Boston does the dirty deed. The day started out in Quincy at my new friend Barry’s crib making a special July 4th home brew. We started from scracth, grinding grains and boiling water.
brewing beer
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Then we stirred it or something, to be honest I was busy drinking last weeks home brew and wasn’t very helpful. I would like to note that Barry has a wooden spoon shoved in his cordless drill and that is how a real man cooks!
brewing beer
I’m sure there is more to making homebrew, but thats all I remember…drinking beer is way more fun than cooking beer.
drinkin beer
After that we headed over to my place where my friend Allison cooked up some of the most amazing gourmet burgers I have ever eaten. (She works for the Rachael Ray show and went to culinary school if that tells you anything)
With full bellies we headed down to the Esplanade to watch the fireworks. I freaked everyone out telling them how the Chinese might have put some anthrax into the fireworks and we were all lining up cheering while we were being exterminated. No one appreciated my cynicism.
The best part of the night was when it was all over, Neil Diamond had collected his check, burning embers were raining down on Charlestown, and the huge crowd took over the streets of Boston. I thought the police had marked off Mass. Ave and Newbury Street, but I realized that they just couldn’t hold back the crowds. We walked from Berkley Street/Storrow Drive all the way to Bukowski’s in Boston down the middle of the street with about a million of our neighbors. Cars were trapped by the crowd, and it felt like a big blackout had happened. Totally awesome.
All in all, it was an awesome holiday, great excuse to get together with friends and I hope your’s was just as good.

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