June 10, 2023

a blast from the past


Proletariat Circa 2004/2005_ish Kerry and Auks

proletariat circa 2004

My computer had a tragic accident involving a redbull, a messanger bag and a bike ride. At the end of that bike ride my computer became a paper weights, soaked in redbull. This happened a few years ago, today it magically started to work and I found the photo above. This photo is pretty awesome because it kind of explains how Kerry and I became friends. I used to go into PROLETARIAT (circa 2004) and pester Kerry on a fairly regular basis, asking him if I could leave flyers, posters, cds and other promotional material for a street teaming position I held while in college. After a while of pestering Kerry we got to chatting (i got to loitering) and we realized we were both into the same shit and we were both into raaaaging! SO we got to raaaging and the rest is history (clearly the abridged version)! Now almost five years later Kerry has an even more amazing shop full of excellent PROLETARIAT branded products as well as paint, markets, etc and I have a full time job in the music industry with my own team of over 400 reps who go out to pester shop owners like Kerry! It is funny how things seem to come full circle and how fast five years pass.

Thanks for your support ks

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