January 28, 2023

5 days until Snek Atak 2

Ok, so many of you have no idea what the hell I am talking about. We got together with our Harvard Square neighbor Adidas Originals to put together a custom sneaker show. Adidas donated 30 pairs of kicks and I put them in the hands of 30 well qualified artists. Then we set up the 30 kicks in pairs of two and we are going to have 15 individual battles. Our good friends Rob, Jeff, and Frank, from Weekly Drop, will judge each twosome and declare 15 winners. The winner of each battle will win the loser’s shoes, which means 15 artists will have spent weeks of their time to go home with nothing. This is just one aspect of the event. Myself and Buildmore have spent some serious time doing sneaker related video installations to keep your mind busy and Basstown’s DJ Etan and DJ Melee will destroy your ears and booties all night long. Peter from the Good Life, the venue where this is all going down, has sealed deals with ZYR Vodka, and Pabst Blue Ribbon to keep the drinks cheap, and the Boston Phoenix is running radio, print, and web ads to fill the place up. Did I mention that the cover charge is taken care of as well? So, there is no reason not to show up, and anyone can tell you that we throw insane parties. I hope to see all of you there…all of you over 21 that is.

More info here.

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