February 3, 2023

3 Inches of Blood Design Shoe for Nike

3 Inches of Blood have teamed up with Nike 6.0 to create their own custom shoes named The Blood Oncore High. If you see a kid wearing these at a show, prepare to have your face moshed off! Of course once that person is done moshing your face he/she will then sit in the corner and make sure they clean the bits of blood and bone off their sweet kicks as to not lower the street value or their street cred!
From Nike:

“Inspired by Viking folklore and mythical carnage, 3IOB worked with the product team on custom materials and colors. The upper, constructed with premium distressed battle-worn leather is mixed with sanguine accents and the muted greens of rot and pestilence. Metallic side panels simulate blades of battle-axes, while the blood-red outsole and tongue are an ode to the band’s name. The Blood Oncore High–a finely tuned weapon built for waging war out in the streets or in the pit with amps blasting–drops May 1st, 2009 at select retailers.”



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