February 3, 2023

100 under $100

Friday night we co-hosted 100 under $100, a proletarian priced art show with LAB in Allston. The turnout was awesome, Dewar’s Scotch and RedBull and Narragansett kept everyone drunk and happy. The purpose of the show was to offer great art from local people at prices most can afford. There were 100 pieces by about 70 artists so the range of work was awesome.

Here’s an awesome deck from Skript. He did an awesome job taping this off and tehn doing a paint stencil and a polyurethane stencil.

In the next photo we have Greg St. Peter with the pieces on the left and right, and 3MS middle top, and Ryan Lombardi’s velvet elephant on the middle bottom.

More greatness…

Here I see Clone, Manifest Destitute, and Fish McGill among others.

Kenji Nakayama, Goldenstash, Evoker


The people

Quote of the night “Remember. Immature behavior can lead to the shrinking of your genitals.” That wisdom was spoken to one of the Proletariat shop rats. Definitely needed to be said.

I just want to thank Kim and Todd and Copo at LAB for all their hard work and joining us in this show. Thanks to all of the artists who parted with their awesomeness for low money, and thanks to everyone who turned off the tv, and got wasted for a night. Good times.

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