May 28, 2023

WHY? Because We Love Them!

Indie hip-hop group WHY? drops a new album October 8.  This Oakland outfit released an EP in early August, which I picked up on vinyl and highly recommend.  Check out the video for “Sod in the Seed”, which Pitchfork describes as a “JV version of a Gap commercial.”

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]

WHY? played with Anticon label mate Doseone at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA last Wednesday.  I really enjoyed the show, even though I had to stay up past midnight.  I recommend checking them out if you have a chance- frontman Yoni is an energetic oddball, the ringleader of a quirky, folk-infused hip-hop circus comprised of drummer Josiah (his brother), guitarist Doug, new keyboardist Liz, and a handful of backup whistlers/other music-makers. 

On an aside, WHY? is an awesome band name, right?  Whenever I listen to one of their albums and someone asks me who it is, I say “WHY?” and they’re all, “Because I want to know, bitch!” and I reply, “WHY?” and then they choke me out.  Viva Abbott and Costello!

You can listen the first single off their upcoming release, “Mumps, Etc.” on Pitchfork.


Have you previously listened to WHY?  If not, what do you think?  I’ll admit that Yoni’s voice is an acquired taste, but give it a chance, haters!

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