June 8, 2023

Spose – The Audacity – Album Review

You know, people always say shit like “Man, I liked __________ before they sold out.” Of course at the same time there aren’t many of us who wouldn’t love to have our bills paid, have a car that actually runs, and maybe just a few less worries in the world. Well, Spose is one guy who didn’t sell out. Spose turned down a major label contract because it was going to spin his music into a direction that he didn’t want. So, he turned down the sure thing and went for it on his own.

Spose’s new release, The Audacity, is just as interesting as the title suggests and honestly it’s not at all what a major record label would want. It’s impossible to categorize (is it rap? is it hip-hop? is it just good music?) and Spose addresses a variety of heavy subjects such as the existence of God, being happy with what you have, the state of modern rap, suicide and bullying and somehow he does it without sounding preachy or too serious. Yeah, pretty sure most major labels don’t want their audiences thinking too hard or else they might realize they have been force fed musical foie gras since they were in diapers. Think of Spose’s music like your average Simpson’s episode – there’s something in there for everyone. For those of you who don’t listen to lyrics (that’s a shame in Spose’s case) you have good beats and fun hooks. For those of you who love similies and metaphors and lyricism – this is a no-brainer. And for those of you who like to bounce between both, you will be more than happy, and of course every once in a while you will re-examine things and potentially learn something.

You know, I NEVER buy music. I listen to a lot of it through Pandora and Spotify, and of course I have borrowed it without returning it in the past – but I NEVER buy music. But when a guy comes along like Spose, you just want to support the man and the message. I left my iTunes transaction feeling like I did something right today. I put one less dollar into an industry that doesn’t promote artistic creativity. I supported a person who has an entertaining way of pointing out the ills of society and took the unpaved road to get there (because you know those hillbillies in Maine only ride snowmobiles) and finally, I downloaded an amazing fucking album! It’s all I have listened to today – and I hope he follows it up with a tour. Here are a few tracks from the new album.

I can already see fields of drunk college kids singing along to this one at the next festival…

This video is class….

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