June 6, 2023

Sony, Universal, & RCA Music get BUSTED by YouTube

YouTube announced that they have removed fake purchased YouTube views from some of the major players in the music industry. Sony/BMG seems to have been the largest offender dropping from 850 million views to just 2.3 million views. Damn! Proletariat almost has that many! Universal lost 1 Billion views but still has a hefty 6 Billion views and RCA went from 159 Million views to around 120 million views.

There are a few reasons these companies did this. #1 They don’t want their new artist to look lame. We all know we want to eat at a full restaurant not an empty one. #2 The way YouTube works is when a video gets a lot of views or rises quickly, that video moves up into a featured listing and more people see it.

So they got busted. Big deal. It’s embarrassing, not shocking at all, and just another example of an industry that still hasn’t figured out how to compete in a modern era. If you are only listening to music because everyone else does then you are the person with the real problem.

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