May 29, 2023

Skrillex’s NYC Takeover

A few weeks ago, Skrillex spent 5 nights tearing up New York City for the end of The Mothership Tour..which I honestly thought would just go on forever. it was like 6-8 months long. Seriously, the guy played something like 322 shows in 2011. I was fortunate enough to catch the first 3 nights of his NYC invasion at Webster Hall, Pacha, and at an invite only secret event WESC held at the newest addition to nightlife in New York, W.I.P.


I run a really silly blog called Girls That Look Like Skrillex, and somehow have become a part of Skrill-mania. I think dubstep is insanely fun, and you can say WUB-ever you want , but the 3 nights I saw Skrillex were absolutely the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Skrillex’s set is fast, loud, and makes you want to freak the fuck out in the best way possible…not to mention his visuals are amazing! There was a Nyan Cat!

Tuesday night Skrilly headlined Webster Hall. I rolled up around 2:15 right as he started. Having not been out to a Girls & Boys event at Webster in at least a year..actually the last time Skrillex played there…it was quite a throwback. The whole room was in off their feet in the air the whole hour and a half that Skrillex played.

This is what it felt like to be at Webster Hall. (Thanks, for the image)


I forgot how to pose for party photos. (Thanks for the image)


Wednesday around noon I got a text from my friend Seb saying that he got us spots to the show that night at Pacha. For those of you that have never heard of Pacha, its the kind of club Snooki and JWOWW go to..a real, serious business club, not a venue like Webster Hall is.

I had no idea what I was in for. This place was INSANE. Not “oh wow that was nuts man” insane, I’m talking 3 floors of wall to wall people (half of which were 15 year old raver girls in neon face paint and fuzzy leg warmers , the other half serious fist pumping bro-step dudes), go go dancers in space suits dancing in showers in the middle of the dance floor insane. For the first hour that I was there we got lost inside the club, couldn’t find the VIP mezzanine, and I thought  I was going to  get “WOMP WOMP WOMP”-ed to death. Once Skrillex went on though, it ruled. From his little cockpit of a DJ booth, it was like he was the man of the Good Book twisting out every Jersey kid’s golden prayer.

Thursday was really the night that matters though. I had heard about the secret party WESC was throwing earlier in the week. Something about secret locations, blindfolds, and fire breathers . Skrillex himself actually invited me out as he loves Girls That Look Like Skrillex as much as I do, which was super cool.

We got to the WESC store at 10pm, where were given blindfolds, put on a bus, driven in circles and dropped inside what looked like a steampunk dungeon. We had to keep our  blindfolds on until we got inside the club, so it literally felt like I was dropped on another planet.

Blindfolded on our way to *~the secret location*~* aka, W.I.P.

The first thing we saw when we walked into this long omonius hallway was a girl with candles melting all over her.  Then there was a fire breather who was walking around lighting himself on fire, followed by a contortionist that just kind of appeared everywhere throughout the night twisted up like a pretzel.

Candle Melting Girl at Skrillex WIP
Candle Girl

It was literally one of the most epic events I’ve ever been to, and the only event I’ve ever been to where the fancy produced video recap isn’t  using Hollywood magic to make the party seem better than it was.

Skrillex WIP

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