February 9, 2023

Now Streaming: Young Statues

Currently streaming on AOL (listen to it here) is the full length release from Run for Cover Records artist, Young Statues. The self-titled release is comprised of 11 songs in a bit less than an hour. Young Statues boasts warm cheery guitar riffs and slightly nostalgic vocals, which happen to fit perfectly with the shorter days and longer nights that are creeping up on me along with the cold of wintertime (see: track #3:  Half Light).

There is something about summery sounds that always makes me feel a little bit less alone when I’m digging through my closet for that extra fleece blanket to cuddle up with next to my moleskine journal and some sort of belly warming liquor.


Recommended if you like:  Death Cab for Cutie, Mansions, Dawes, and other bands you’ve never heard of so really there’s no point in me mentioning them….unless of course you listened to Makeout Party…which I’m pretty sure you didn’t.

One thought on “Now Streaming: Young Statues

  1. looks like he’s not wearing any pants. i hope that’s not indicative of the live experience.

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