December 10, 2022

Heart2Heart: Pop Music’s Hard Evidence That Society Is Doomed.


Lance Bass, of N*Sync, NASA, and People Magazine’s “I’m Gay” cover fame manages this joke gem of a boy band, Heart2Heart. Please pay attention to their facial expressions while watching the above footage for maximum laugh-capacity.

Their first single, “Facebook Official” is complete with a video on YouTube, cheesy dance moves, and a set stolen from that Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson duet. With meaningful lyrics like “Put a heart on your page, heart – heart on your page/ Let’s make it official/ Baby you and me – you and me/ Facebook official”, these tweens clearly know everything there is about love.

Who really needs marriage, love, or even real dates when you can be FBO. This is 2011 guys, we are in the new millennium of romance where Kim Kardashian makes $18,000,000 off of a 72 day marriage, Gays are still “ruining the sanctity” of it all, and Facebook statuses are the be all end all of everything.



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