May 28, 2023


As promised today is the first day you can LEGALLY download the new Graverobbers album Burgandy, for free. It’s a 3-song EP, and is well worth your time and ears. The first song is Buried in Burgandy. This song is more of what I consider a country ballad. It feels like hope and good times in the past even though it’s about a funeral. This is the kind of song that gets played when you walk home after a crazy ass night and the sun starts coming up and you are mad proud of yourself.

The second song, Rochester, NY, is one of those tracks that sounds like it has been around for a while. It is a slower country sounding track, that makes you think of someone you used to love or maybe a lost loved one…or maybe that was just me. It’s a great track to put on for a drive through the country when you are feeling a bit sad.

The final song, Clarisse McClellan, reminds me a lot of Jenny Lewis, which is definitely not a bad thing. There is an awesome saw solo where James Maple rocks out on a saw. This song should be played when smoking a cigarette.

I’m stoked on this new album. I can see a wide audience for these tracks and really think the band has a solid road ahead for them. If you want to hear more from James Maple and Graverobbers listen to the podcast S01E03.

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