February 1, 2023

City On My Back (Boston): J. Lye Feat. Jus Clide & Yung Bean

I met Alex Ayabe a long time ago, way before he sprouted his first pubic hair. Even back then he was making videos, including the preview to the never-made Proletariat Skate Team Video, which actually got banned from my account for “excessive blood and gore,” which I tried to fight since the excessive blood was just a nosebleed from Ayabe, but YouTube is obviously dictated by a bunch of pussies. Anyways, a lot has changed since those days (except for Ayabe’s body hair situation – he is Asian you know.)

We live in a time where bad video is unacceptable and a good video can propel your brand or band or identity to viral status. The camera work, shot setups, and clarity are all on point and set the scene for a classic rap video, plus the music isn’t too shabby either. It’s good to see a kid like Ayabe following his passion and excelling at it. I have no doubt that one day Ayabe will be making videos for big artists & making big cashola. Who knows, it might even be for J. Lye, Jus Clide or Yung Bean…

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