December 6, 2022

2013 Sundance Film Festival Recap – Lovelace, The East, The Incredible Defeat of Mister And Pete

It’s a wrap! Sundance 2013 is over and once again Leslie and I had an amazing time seeing what Hollywood has the opportunity to put out this year. For those of you who don’t know, Sundance is one of the big worldwide film festivals but it’s also a place where major distributors have a chance to buy movies to shop around to theaters or large cable/dvd networks. It’s so weird how many great movies we have seen at Sundance in the past 2 years that never/will never come out because Hollywood thinks you need CGI robots or aliens and sequels galore. Anyways, here are the last 3 movies we saw this year at Sundance.


Lovelace is a biopic of Linda Lovelace, the porn star in the movie Deep Throat. The movie starts out with Linda Lovelace, played by Amanda Seyfried, who is a Catholic girl with overbearing parents and a best friend who is trouble. Linda hooks up with the wrong guy, Chuck Traynor, played by Hollywood’s perfect scumbag Peter Saarsgard, and in a perfect storm her parents kick her out into his custody. He turns out to be a royal douchebag and basically sells her into porn, and then to anyone willing to give him cash for one night of raping her. In the beginning of her rise to fame the movie felt a lot like Boogie Nights where porn is king and looks fun as hell and you get to see Seyfried’s beautiful breastesesssss. But then the truth kicks in and you feel terrible about all of those hours wasted on youporn. I give this movie 3 boners down. The actors all played their parts well, but I don;t know if it was the Director or Screenwriter of this film but in many places it felt as poorly made as Lovelace’s film Deep Throat. Plus, it slams you in the morals because you end up feeling bad at the end for multiple reasons.

The East

Unfortunately whoever cut this trailer spent too much time making trailers for MTV produced movies because they cheapened a very quality movie. The East is a film about a tech savvy group of moral transients who plot against major corporations who have wronged society. It starts with The East breaking into an Oil Company CEO’s Hampton home and flooding it with oil, after the CEO’s company flooded the Gulf of Mexico. *Cough BP Cough* The other side of teh story is this. A young hotshot girl works for a private security firm who protects CEO’s from people like The East. She goes deep undercover with The East and then has to decide which team she really wants to play for. This movie was great – and again, not as cheezy as the Fast Five trailer leads on. I give this film 3 Proletariat shirts and 1 Occupy Movement.

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister And Pete

Damn, this was a good movie. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister And Pete is like a modern day Boyz n the Hood. It follows the lives of Mister (a young black kid in NYC) and Pete ( a young Korean kid in NYC), both of whom have parents in the same projects strung out on drugs. Pete’s mom was further gone than Mister’s so Pete started living with Mister and his mom until she gets taken away from the cops. Knowing the boys would end up in foster care or juvi, they hide from the housing authority and do their best to live on their own – begging for change in the streets, eating ketchup and butter, and hiding from just about everyone. This movie makes you want to help people and really leaves you feeling like you got it good without preaching to you. I give it 1 honky asking the director a question at Sundance and breaking into tears (that really happened)

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