February 8, 2023

So, You KNOW I Can’t Dance…

Watch out Patty Duke, there’s a new dance in town!  Indeed, Brooklyn, the land of all things fresh and lovely, has spawned a crazy brand of dance: Flexing.  The New York Times (I know, of all sources) explains.

Rooted in east Brooklyn, flexing is expanding in popularity, and the flexors here also represented other boroughs. According to Reem, flexing grew out of the Jamaican style brukup (also rendered as bruk-up or bruk up), but its resemblance to American popping and locking is clear. There’s a lot of mime, much robot articulation of the joints and Egyptian-angled “tutting.”

The footwork, when the feet aren’t fixed in a weight-lifter stance, glides along the ground, rolling over ankles and toe tips. Sometimes this gliding is done on the knees.

I appreciate that this is hard to picture, so check out this video:



Shit is crazy! Now all I need to do is harness my Elaine-Benes-bouncing-on-hot-coals moves into effortless gliding and jiving. Granted, the Times calls flexing “otherworldly” and “freak-show grotesque”, so maybe I don’t have far to go.

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