June 4, 2023

Why Occupy Congress is a step in the wrong direction

Today is Occupy Congress, in my opinion an antiquated stage for a modern protest. I have done some time with the Occupy movement, and I’ve put in a TON of work pre-occupy along the same lines, but frankly I think the march on Washington is fruitless. First of all, in times like these people can’t afford to get in their car or on a plane and take off work to go to Washington D.C., but they could go down to the local protest on their lunch break a few times a week. This is why the Occupy movement worked so well! It allowed people with jobs, people without jobs, and people without homes to come together and take a stand!

With the localized movement, we took smaller numbers of people and still created large disruptions. Then, each local news service reported on the same “problem” in different cities around the Nation and it created a MASS MOVEMENT!

It would take at least 100,000 people in D.C. today to make a statement at all, but I really think today could set the movement back in its tracks. The photos I’ve already seen consist of clowns dressed up for attention in ridiculous costumes like Superman and prisoners, which works well when everyone else there is dressed in regular attire, but from what I’ve seen so far, today’s crowd looks like they took a detour from Burning Man. You know what costume I think we should be wearing when we protest? SUITS! Shirts and ties! Maybe we should try and look like the people who fund these pricks and maybe, just maybe, they will be a little scared of who it is that is actually mad at them.

If we really want to continue the Occupy movement, and I think we should, why don’t we go straight to the source of the problem, multi-national corporations. See, unlike the U.S. Government, corporations still fear us. Corporations are also made out of real human beings, which I’m not so sure of our politicians in Washington anymore. Corporations also have to make money no matter what, and they rely on us to give them that money, so why aren’t we occupying Monsanto or Johnson & Johnson? You hate Wal-Mart? Stage a peaceful protest and put down on a few signs why Wal-Mart is so evil. You want Big Oil to stop fracking in your town? Print off some flyers and hand them out at the mall on Saturday.

Pushing for legislation to change things can’t come until things have begun to change. The law is just the period on the end of the sentence. You want companies to be more environmentally sensible? Point out their flaws in public! You want Wal-Mart to stop importing all their shit from China? Stop shopping there! It’s not hard to beat the system if you know the rules, and the one rule you need to know about Capitalism is money. Disrupt the flow of money and offer the business a new plan of action.

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