February 3, 2023

Why Do Kids Bully? | Look Around You, watch TV

If you read a daily or watch any of the news networks all you see is stories about bullying. Why do kids bully they ask…of course this is after a Republican adult and a Democrat adult spend the past 5 minutes berating each other for personal and political gain. Change the channel and you will see a businessman making a sweet deal which in essence is forcing a family-run business out of business so the businessman can build stockholder’s interests. Turn the channel again and you have 5 sassy fashionistas stabbing each other in the back and trash talking so they can be America’s next top asshole. Are you seeing a trend here? Our entire society is based on competition and winning, and one way to do that is through bullying. I think it is terrible that there are kids out there that have such a terrible time in school that they kill themselves, but this isn’t new news, this is the same thing that has been happening since I was a kid and long before. There are just new instruments available to the bullies. So what do we do?

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