June 10, 2023

When Good Cops Become Victims of Police Abuse

I remember this cop from a while ago when I used to protest Scientology with the group Anonymous. This cop is what cops should be like, fair, awesome and doing their job correctly.

“it was very refreshing to see Guillary not only speaking respectfully to a group of protesters, but genuinely showing concern for their safety.”

“Guillary was brought to my attention again, but this time because he had become the victim of police abuse after he was threatened with a Taser and forced to the ground at gunpoint in front of his own home by Riverside police. He has sued.”

“But in 2006, his home was raided by LAPD’s SWAT unit. He and his two children were forced out of the house at gunpoint while cops ransacked his house for six hours. They later claimed it was an honest mistake.”

“I used to be proud of my job,” he says. “Now, it’s just something I muddle through each day — just something I do to support my family. . . . This whole dream is dead.”

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