January 28, 2023

Welcome to the improved Thatsthehookup.com

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, when I launched the new Proletariat online shop, Joe and I decided TTHU needed a facelift. Thank goodness our friend Bill makes websites in his sleep and for some reason actually likes Joe and I. Bill created this entire new site from scratch over the past few weeks and there is a method to the madness. Let’s dig in.

This is the main navigation of TTHU. If you start at thatsthehookup.com, you will be on the main page where all of our posts show up. However, if you are only interested in art and design, just click the DESIGN link and it will only show you articles that pertain. TTHU is made of 5 main sections. HEADLINES will feature news stories that we find interesting. GEAR is the spot for anything and everything you want to spend your money on…cars, watches, clothing, Miley Cyrus tickets…you get the picture. A/V CLUB is the spot when you got time to kill. Funny videos, music playlists, skate films, etc., are all here and are sized big enough that you don’t have to go full-screen (unless you want to.) DESIGN is just that. Could be fashion, art, architecture, graffiti, anything that is eye-catching and awesome. And finally we have P.O.V. aka our Point of View. This isn’t another faceless blog re-posting other people’s thoughts on the internet. We are real people and we think you will get to know us really quick through this section. Ever seen a Furry convention from a 6’4″ dude’s eyes? You won’t see that here you sick fuck!

Notice above that each post will have the date, category, and number of comments. You could be one of those comments and we hope you are. This is a place for everyone to come together and chill-a place that already connects a bunch of friends who met in Boston and have since moved away-but still keep in constant contact through TTHU. Off to the side we have a very simple sidebar.


Search for anything you want and if we covered it you will be directed to the post of your choosing. Just type in as little or as much as you want and peruse the archives. Our Twitter feed will keep you updated while we tweet about tweeting or something of the sort. Make sure you add us so we can follow you and share more mundane moments of each other’s lives!

Read about something you know your friend would like? Just click this cute little box and watch it open up like a drunk on a Tuesday night. Post it on your Facebook, Myspace, Friendster (shit we forgot Friendster), or just email it – it’s all right here!

Picture 12

That’s really it! If you read this far you now know more about the blog than I do. We also have some guest writers including our homey who wishes to remain nameless because he smokes way too much pot and he would probably lose his job if they only knew. Make sure you check out some of the “Letters to myself while stoned” and you will see why. Joe and I and the rest of the peeps at TTHU would like to welcome our old readers back-and all the new readers who will now be able to find this blog thanks to the beautiful coding by our friend Bill. If you ever need any design work hire him. He’s good, really good.

One thought on “Welcome to the improved Thatsthehookup.com

  1. G’day Thatsthehookup,

    My name is Paul Nolan and I have recently started a new limited edition Illustration/design magazine from Australia called Sasquatch!

    My endeavour is to feature emerging artists, local and international talent from a variety of visual industries and represent arts mediums such as paints, inks, stencils, spray paints, pens, markers, charcoal, crayons, pixels and fabric. Issue #1 is available NOW online at the Sasquatch store!

    I would gratefully appreciate any promotion you can give me on your site, you can find images on the site or I can supply you with some.

    Best Regards
    Paul Nolan

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