March 21, 2023
thats the hook up alph graffiti

Seattle Vacation with ALPH

So the wife and I wanted to get away for a while…But vacation with yours truly is no walk in the park. I’m not one to relax much, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. No hot sandy beaches or luxery hotels. A week off to me requires as much creation and destruction as possible. No more felonies in Massachusetts for this guy, I have to skip town when I have a couple days off. Seeing how my last trip landed me in jail I toned it down this year and threw in some sight seeing.

Rocked in Seattle for a while

thats the hook up alph graffiti

thats the hook up alph graffiti Seattle

Met some good like minded people that had the hook up so we took a little cruise outside of the city.

thats the hook up

thats the hook up alph graffiti guns

I’m not at liberty to say what exactly we did but the experienced marksmen out there can probably name some of the items used to make the holes shown here. My shoulder is still sore. So is the wife.

TTHU gun range and graffiti

Dork stop #1: My all time favorite David Lynch production was shot here. I had the cherry pie and a damn fine cup of black coffee. Much to my dismay the traffic light has since been replaced.

alph twin peaks thats the hook up graffiti

Dork Stop #2: This is where Galloping Gerdie once stood.

Thats The Hook Up

Dork Stop #3: Baby Ruth, bitches!

Thats the goonies hook up

Had to unload some things on the way to the airport.

thats the hook up graffiti sticker

Word to the wise, if you shoot guns and do graffiti on vacation make sure you don’t have shit in your carry on or gun powder on your clothes. There are better ways to get a rub down in an airport.


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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