December 5, 2022

Utah DWR sets new stage for entrapment | Robotic Deer?!?! WTF?



I don’t know what I find more disturbing about this story: the fact that rednecks are always looking for something to shoot or that our tax dollars and trained police are out entrapping hunters with radio controlled deer. First of all I am all for animal rights. But, I also respect people who kill animals on their own for food (not trophies.) I am also for the constitution which allows us to carry a weapon (according to individual state laws) and not be guilty of a crime we didn’t or “might” commit. There’s a lot fucked up with this but mainly I just wanted to show you this video of a carbon copy of Jason Stackhouse trying to catch a perp with a Robodeer. Funny shit is, the perp was just admiring nature and of course Johnny Law tries to act hard and shuffles the man on his way. When did it become illegal to admire nature?

It also seems like the fuzz is constantly trying to create situations like these to appear needed. Do I want poachers killing deer at night? No. Have I ever encountered such a thing? Not yet. Do I want “terrorists” flying radio controlled airplanes into buildings? No. Could this be done without the FBI providing the devices? Not well. There really must not be that much crime out there if cops are busy re-purposing lawn art and children’s toys for evil.


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