March 23, 2023

TTHU would like to welcome MastaPness!

A long time ago, we stumbled upon a new blog called MastaPness, ESQ. and Head Haggler, CFO. This blog would go through the daily “Hype” blogs (hypebeast, highsnobiety, slamxhype, etc.) and just rip into how fucking lame so many designs and fashions there are out there. So everyday you looked at hypebeast you could go over to MastaPness’s blog and see what he thought. The shit was super funny and I contacted him to see if he would ever like to contribute to our blog. Well, he did a little time in the joint and to be honest I thought he would be a long lost gem out there in cyberspace…until today. MastaPness doesn’t have the time to do a daily blog, nor the desire, but he IS willing to do a mini-version of his blog right here at TTHU! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to MastaPness.

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