June 10, 2023
tthu thats the hook up train surfing mbta ride or die indonesia skate proof

Train Surfing Death Balls of Doom / Pay Your Train Fare

tthu thats the hook up train surfing mbta ride or die indonesia skate proofSkate stoppers are soooooooo 2002. Introducing new train surfing stoppers! Coming to the MBTA Green Line near you!

Seriously. This is something you would find in Super Mario Bros. Its amazing how far sub cultures and underground trends can change something we use everyday. Skate stoppers are a perfect example of this. Skateboarding culture permanantly changed the way that the world is built. EVERY single piece of urban developement is done with the thought of “Can they skate this”.

tthu thats the hook up indonesian train surfing

Fast forward to 2012 in the overpopulated slums of Indonesia (And soon, I imagine, the rest of the world) and you find train surfing stoppers. Whats the purpose? Apparently to KILL people who avoid train fare or just love to train surf.

From msnbc.com: “Indonesia has adopted a potentially deadly new tactic in an attempt to stop people illegally riding the roofs of trains.

Grapefruit-sized concrete balls have been suspended across the tracks, positioned to rake over the top of trains as they pull out of stations or go through rail crossings.

Authorities hope the balls — which could deliver serious blows to the head — will be enough to deter defiant roof riders.”

tthu thats the hook up train surfing indonesia third world mbta green line


If you missed it the first two times, check this shit out.

Fucking. Gangster.



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