March 27, 2023

Toxic Linfen | The World’s Most Polluted City

Imagine if that heavy fog you see once or twice a year was there every single day. Imagine if it wasn’t just a big wet cloud of condensation, but a big cloud of chemicals and fallout. This is life in Linfen, China. And the more we consume the more this cloud will consume us. It has come to a point now where we are all responsible for this. It isn’t China’s greediness; it’s all of our greediness. We have collectively decided that lower prices are worth a few lives and probably a few lives of future generations. We have chosen convenience over our health and it looks like there’s no turning back now.

This is one of the many reasons why I worked my ass off to get our Proletariat shirts 100% Made in America. No blood on my hands or yours…at least for your t-shirt wardrobe. People need to realize that business will do whatever we demand. If we all decided we want organically grown cotton, they will all switch because they have to survive. If you only buy Made in the USA products, manufacturing will come back. If you buy $200 dresses at Anthropologie, or a t-shirt at the Gap, no matter how cute you look…you are creating this cloud and possibly killing a Chinese kid. Rest well!

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