June 8, 2023

Time Magazine | Different Magazine Cover for the USA

Why is it that the US cover version of time magazine differs from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world? Would it not seem of the moment to cover revolution in America, given what has been going on, not only over the last few months with Occupy Everywhere but also over the last two years with the publics outcry over bailouts, higher tuition, crooked politics, etc?

When magazine covers start changing stories of world wide revolution to “Why Anxiety Is Good For You”, one should question their motivations, who actually controls the magazine and if this is a publication worth supporting in the future. Freedom of speech and information is what is supposed to set America apart from other nations where such “freedoms” do not exist or are severely limited. When you see something like this, speak out, Tweet about it, Facebook about it and get the word out. We live in a time of great change, whether that change is good or bad is up to us, the public, to decide and to make our voices heard whenever we feel like we are being silenced.

3 thoughts on “Time Magazine | Different Magazine Cover for the USA

  1. well said. i’m glad to see Americans finally waking up. It’s obvious that the mainstream media is Government controlled. The recent media blackout on Senate Bill 1867, The National Defense Authorization Act was so extreme that I questioned whether it even happened. Same went for the beginning of the Occupy Movement. It took weeks before the mainstream news picked anything up. Then you look at the way conservative talk shows all come up with the same catch phrases and talking points within a 24-hour period. I think the idea of a corporate controlled media is an understatement. I think it is the government running our media under the guise of corporations.

  2. good post. saw this a while back, was hoping someone would post something about it. this shit just proves everything…this is important stuff.

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