January 28, 2023

This Week In Music

Neon Indian

Welcome to This Week In Music, our weekly round up of events that we deem relevant enough to post on TTHU for you. Read it every Friday and maybe, just maybe, you will feel compelled to stop listening to crap.

PAPERMAG gives a great look into the mind of La Roux HERE

STEREOGUM lists the 50 best new bands of 2010. Some are good choices, some are shit. Decide for yourself HERE

Arcade Fire released an interactive video that integrates Google Chrome (Google Maps) with the plot of the video to create a personalized interactive experience for the user HERE

Lauren Hill played a shit show HERE

T.I., after getting released from a 10 month jail sentence, was smart enough to smoke blunts with his wife while driving around Los Angeles. Uh, the cops arrested them and let them out on 10K bail each. Paris, T.I., who else? Read more HERE.

PASTE magazine has folded. More HERE

released an official video for his new single “FUCK YOU!”. You may have seen the viral video. I like the official video just as much. Set in a 50’s style dinner, it’s light hearted and still makes you laugh, like the viral video did. See it on his Facebook page. Like it to view it HERE

MATT & KIM posted a new single from their forthcoming record Sidewalks HERE

Robyn Covers Bjork’s Hyperballad HERE.

STEREOGUM counts down the 12 best late night video performances HERE

Radiohead gave fans flip cameras and let them make a movie! More HERE.

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