October 1, 2022

This Week in Music | 9/10/10 | Will Smith, NOFX, M.I.A., Robyn

Friday is here, This Week in Music is upon us! Check every Friday to find out what you are missing in the world of music news!

Will Smith’s daughter has a bangin single about hair. HERE

Broken Social Scene wrote the score for the upcoming mental hospital flick It’s Kind of a Funny Story starring Zach Galifianakis. Now you have two reasons to see the film. More HERE

NOFX has a new song and video about being old. HERE.

Band of Horses perform at a wedding is Oslo Video HERE.

Interpol perform on Kimmel Here and HERE and HERE

Ozzy & Danzig announce tour dates HERE unfortunately not together!

Some guy made a trippy nine minute video to a good portion of Girl Talk’s “Night Ripper” making the video out of animated gifs and shit he found on the internet. Best watched high HERE.

Prepare to MOSH! Trap Them and Everytime I Die are touring together! FUCK YEAH

said she would perform a free show in New York City to make up for her horrible performance and “technical difficulties” at HARD fest but apparently is not sticking to her word. See the twitter rants HERE

announced a US tour prepare to DANCE

Tickets are on sale today for the Dresden Dolls. This one is for you Boston! Tickets HERE.

Don’t be a douche, if you have some music news that you feel should be up here, leave it in the comments!

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