February 3, 2023

The Latest in Police Brutality from the Occupy Movement by AB

Protester and three-tour American veteran Kayvan Sabehgi was beaten by Oakland police during the Occupy protest’s general strike on 2 November. Sabehgi, who was ‘completely peaceful’, according to witnesses, was left with a lacerated spleen” In the video you can see a police man chasing and hitting him for not moving.

Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq being shot point blank range with a teargas canister. It fractured Olsen’s skull and put him in Highland General Hospital. Doctors upgraded his condition Thursday from critical to fair, and said they expect him to make a full recovery.

I am ashamed of the Oakland Police. If a protester is being non-violent and just standing there, why do Police see the need to attack and use violence on them? Doesn’t it say in the constitution, we have the right to protest? Do police not know the constitution or something? Does attacking innocent, unarmed people do anything good for this world or make them look better? Is it police showing off their power, wanting to feel tough because they have a badge? Looks like it. After the Scott Olsen video I was enraged. But this video, I can’t even put into words. Why did other police let this happen? Is this what freedom looks like?


Wow, I have just been being mind blown by all the disgusting videos I have seen recently with the Occupy movement as far as police being brutal and unjust. These police are really giving police everywhere a horrible name, and just making people more angry. In the video above you see police beating a 6 term Marine vet for walking a foot in front of a line of police in Oakland. They put him in a cell 19 hours, while he cried in pain and refused to feed him or give him medical care. It took him to pass out and be just almost dead for them to finally bring him to get checked out by a doctor. In this video, these people are sitting here doing nothing but protesting peacfully, yet the police officer comes up to them and sprays pepper spray directly into the faces of these people who have done nothing but sit and protest for what they believe in. Than they go in and arrest these people using more force then necessary….what do you think?

6 thoughts on “The Latest in Police Brutality from the Occupy Movement by AB

  1. This is heartbreaking to watch. The leaders of this country should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

  2. fuck this shit, police, To Disturb, and Disrespect not to serve and protect..fuck this shit man, honestly at a loss for words to discribe my hatred towards these acts…

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