December 5, 2022

The Future of Proletariat in Boston

So a lot of rumors have been circling about the fate of Proletariat, and I’m here to clear up all of your questions. It’s rare that you actually get to choose your successor in life. Most of the time when people leave a job it’s because they are fired, laid off, or they choose a new career. But even when they choose a new career they rarely, if ever, have input on who takes up the slack where they left off. Proletariat means way too much to me to leave it in just anyone’s hands. I have been searching for the better part of 6 months now to find the perfect fit for the shop. I have had talks with investors who wanted to turn a quick buck, corporations who wanted to expand their groing empires, and even past customers who wanted to keep the vision alive and leave their mark on the store. The good news is I had a lot of options that would have kept the store alive, but in my opinion there was only one obvious choice. Two days ago a longtime friend and customer of mine, Mayan Tamang and his childhood friend Eddie Jones partnered up to bring the Proletariat experience to the next generation. I want to stress to you how much thought went into this choice. Proletariat has been my life for the past 6 years. My wife and I poured our hearts and souls into this place, never compromising our values and always trying to welcome anyone and everyone with open arms. In the time we were here, strangers became best friends and some of our customers became more than just friends. Shops in Boston have opened and closed in the past 6 years, trying to possibly mimic what we do here, but none of them had what it truly takes to succeed: you. You made this the place what it is. A 17-year-old customer told me 6 years ago about this company that sold professional spray paint for artists and thanks to him we are the biggest urban art store on the East Coast. A ragtag bunch of skaters from Cambridge and Somerville honed our selection and took our skateboard wall from 5 decks to the largest selection in Cambridge. Most importantly it was all of your open minds that allowed me to discuss whatever the hell I wanted in graphic form and slap it on a t-shirt and build a massive following of free-thinking intelligent adults who like to look good and act right. So now it is time for a little change. This is a change that needs to happen for you and for me. I want Proletariat to always represent the people who support it. Proletariat should be a place that always challenges the norm and entertains its supporters. My friends Mayan and Eddie are ready to take it to the next level and once again they want to please you. The amount of events and products and good changes they have in store for you are making me jealous that I won’t be here to enjoy them with you. I will however, be working with Mayan and Eddie behind the scenes the entire time. All new Proletariat clothing items and products will be released at the Harvard Square location first, and since I won’t be doing the day to day operations of the store I think you will be blown away by how much more effort I can put into the Proletariat brand. I will also be turning off the website for a few months while Leslie and I travel the USA, so if you want any Proletariat tees you gotta come to the shop! Tomorrow and Tuesday will be my last days in the shop for a while, so if you are in the area stop by – because there are a lot of you that I will miss and hope to keep in touch with. I’d also like to take the opportunity to personally introduce you to my friends Mayan and Eddie – and I know they want to meet you because they know it is you that make this place so great. And as always, thanks for the support, the memories, and the grey hairs. Take care of this place for me!


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And as always I wouldn’t leave you with out some shop news….Just got 30 vintage flannels, 40 vintage westerns, 20 vintage cardigans, and 100 vintage tees ready to rock for the Fall!

2 thoughts on “The Future of Proletariat in Boston

  1. Best news I’ve heard in awhile! Thanks for everything Kerry and thanks for keeping this shop alive! By far my favorite shop in the Boston area.

  2. leaving the shop, sold the house and living in a rv? hope it works out in your future. thanks for the shop.

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