March 23, 2023
dmt, psychedelic, crack, drugs, trippy, marijuana, acid, mdma, tthu, thats the hook up, federal prison, aex grey

The Degenerate Journal Part 3 / UHRIN

dmt, psychedelic, crack, drugs, trippy, marijuana, acid, mdma, tthu, thats the hook up, federal prison, aex grey

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”

The names of this story have been changed and omitted to protect the people involved and where possible the use of names has been avoided, but this story is as true as it can
possibly be.

Disclaimer: TTHU does not endorse the use of illegal substances and I do not recommend that people do drugs… but they have worked pretty well for me.

dmt, psychedelic, crack, drugs, trippy, marijuana, acid, mdma, tthu, thats the hook up, federal prison

“My cousin who I am extremely close with was about to go to federal prison for conspiracy to sell ecstasy. He got conspiracy to sell because that is all the evi-

dence they had on him considering he had not sold a thing for 4 years and was

just about to graduate from college and marry his girlfriend. Statute of limita-

tions for ecstasy is 7 years and when the feds approach you that means they

have enough evidence to put you in jail and you are fucked. So he wanted to

freak out on some sort of crazy psychedelic before he went to prison and he nat-

urally invited his psychonaut cousin. My cousin’s friend, who is kind of a famous

druggy guy who has had books written about him, had legally became a shaman

for Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a “tea” made mostly from the Banisteriopsis Caapi

vine (MAOI) and Psychotria Viridis leaves (DMT) but it is made with a bunch of

different stuff just as long as it has an MAOI and DMT. DMT is considered one of

the most powerful psychedelic known to man and is also the chemical you brain

gets when you have having your little hallucinations while you sleep. You didn‘t

think your brain came up with that shit by itself did you?

I drove from NH to NY just to do this crazy ceremony with my cousin. We headed

out to New Jersey, driven by his then girlfriend and now wife, to this 15 year old

Russian kid’s house. Let me explain something about this guy who is my cousins

friend. My cousin first met him when he was seventeen and the guy was in his

thirties. This guy explained to me at dinner one night that he was actually try-

ing to take advantage of my young cousin. They then went on to become pretty

good friends and partners in a very lucrative ecstasy ring. We are talking hun-

dreds of thousands of dollars worth of ecstasy across state lines, hence why my

cousin was going to federal prison. Anyways how the crazy shaman new this 15

year old Russian kid with a house in NJ is not really clear but one can only spec-

ulate. I’m going to go ahead and call the shaman guy Joe.


So we get to this house and Joe is sleeping so we sit around and smoke a

blunt with the 15 or so people that are there for the Ayahuasca ceremony or

some other fun psychedelics or drugs (mushrooms, lsd, X, crack you know the

usual suspects). For this ceremony me and my cousin had to fast for 24 hours.

That blunt made us so very hungry we almost gave in and ate considering

there was what could only be described as a catered amount of food just lay-

ing around this drug den. So my cousin goes and wakes Joe up so we can get

this ceremony going. We go into the basement of the house where Joe puts on

this crazy tribal South American music where this guy is like chanting about

Ayahuasca with wind and shit in the back round. We all drink a tea cup full of

this wretched bitter brown shit and are advised to just chill out and meditate.

Me and my cousin smoke like 18 pipes and wait for the “purge.” The “purge” is

where you puke up the tea and all of the DMT rushes to your brain. You go from

feeling nauseous to tripping balls in a matter of seconds. So many people have

a very similar trip and mine was no different initially. I am sitting in front of a

transparent human who is meditating and transmitting to me all of his knowl-

edge through his mind’s eye. There are complex geometric patterns constantly

shifting behind him. Very similar to this picture by Alex Grey.

dmt, psychedelic, crack, drugs, trippy, marijuana, acid, mdma, tthu, thats the hook up, federal prison, alex grey

So because I’m such a smarty pants I took one more dose of the tea then

anyone else at the party and this is where my trip got different. I turned into

a cheetah. Not just any cheetah but a transparent cheetah with long hair

that had what looked like water pouring out of each strand of hair and I was

running through the forest climbing up trees jumping from tree to tree all

while transmitting my light and good to the earth. From what I am told the

reality of the situation was me laying on my side flailing my arms and legs

like a four legged animal would run. I guess this lasted for like 3 hours or so.

After that I was still in a trippy daze but my body had absorbed all the DMT

and my day dream was done. My cousin by the way had the same trippy bud-

dah guy transmitting all his knowledge to my cousin.

Done and happy we started to wander around the house and went back into

this little room where we saw people hanging out. The were smoking some

crack so we both took a bell ringing hit and went to go find his girl. She had

taken a hit of x and was hanging out with these gang banger lesbians who

later told us that they were going to rape her until they heard her story of

my cousin going to prison and they said she was just too nice to rape. How

nice huh?


While we were sitting in this house trying to sober up the 15 year old Rus-

sian kid crawled over to me and started talking to me about how time did

not exist but yet kept asking me what time it was. Quite amusing. He had

taking about 3 hits of really good acid. and seemed like he was in that con-

fused uncomfortable part of his trip

so I just kept talking to him about time while giving him the time. Then there

was the crash. The sound of broken glass and screaming. This lady who was

there drank a whole pitcher of Ayahuasca and threw a TV down the stairs

and started to scream and try to bite anyone that came near her. Oh there

was projectile vomiting as well. We got the fuck out of that house and drove

back to the city.


The End.”


Stay tuned for more tales of debauchery from the “Degenerate Journal”.


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