December 9, 2022
macule culkin, mugshot, cocaine, party monster, tthu, thats the hook up

The Degenerate Journal Part 2 / Speedy Adventures W. Andy

macule culkin, mugshot, cocaine, party monster, tthu, thats the hook up

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

The names of this story (Except for one) have been changed and omitted to protect the people involved and where possible the use of names has been avoided, but this story is as true as it can
possibly be.”

Here is another chapter from the Degenerate Journal.


“So to give you a little insight before I involve you into my wild trips to Las

Vegas, you should know a little bit about me and my friends.  I know a lot of

people, and I have a lot of friends, but I only have a few that are close enough

to be family.  It just so happens that they happen to be real brothers as well.

Now, we have our own methods of making money, hustlin’, selling whatever

you want us to sell.  We always roll together, and fucking party like theres no

tomorrow. No holding back on anything, if we’re doing it, we do it big

Now, the story begins.


We get a call at 8 pm. from a friend, inviting us to go

to Vegas with him.  For those of you who have never gone to Las Vegas, let

me describe it to you: Adult wonderland!! not for the meek or the shy, or you

will be torn apart.  So me and my 2 friends drop what we were doing(drugs

and video games) and meet up our friend to ride up with him to Vegas.  Vegas

is only 4 hours away from where I live.  We get up there, with an 8 ball and 2

grams of cocaine and 10 pills of ecstasy on us.  We decide to just walk around

on the strip and shoot the shit with people.  We do this for about 1-2 hours and

start gambling.  All of a sudden, we see this fireball, storming through the casi-

no with his sharp blazer, short blonde hair and about my height(5’10).  This guy

just doesnt give a fuck walking around grapping girls asses telling girls they

got nice tits… and you can tell this guy is on something.



I have to meet this guy.  I go up to him and introduce myself, he says his

name is Andy.  I introduce him to my other 2 friends and tell them that An-

dy’s gonna be rolling with us tonight.  I told Andy I thought it was awesome

how he doesn’t give a shit but he needs to be a little smoother.  So i tell him

to go hit on this girl sitting at the craps table.  He goes over and it looks like

everythings going well and then you start to see the girl getting a little an-

gry.  I go over and try to save him but the girl wasn’t having it.  So our night

continues, just talking to anyone and everyone.  Then Andy turns to me and

asks if I know where he can get some coke.


I have some on me, but I dont want to tell him I do, cuz I dont want him to

try and free load off me all night, so I tell him I have a cousin up here and

I’ll get it from him.  When I told Andy that, he was so happy!! “Dude! you just

fucking saved me!! my guy usually charges me around 10 grand every time

I pick up!”  What the fuck?! This guy must be rolling in money!  So i ask him

how much he wants to spend for tonight… he replies with” Man, I really dont

care… I’m worth a couple mill…” Wow! really? how the fuck is he worth this

much? whatever, fuck it!  So i leave for about 20 min, come back and give

him a gram of yay.  We go to the bathroom and he rolls up a c-note, sticks it

in the bag…*sniff* *snort* hes done with the gram in 2 snorts!



Well hes on one, so I decide that I should be too, so me and my other friends

split 2 grams and take 2 pills each and we’re fucking feeling great!!  We par-

ty it up some more, Talk with some girls, make out with some girls and end

up at a bar. Me and Andy sit down for a drink, my other friends mess with

slots.  So we’re sitting there and I turn to Andy and ask…”So, what exactly

do u do bro?” And he gets a little flustered and tells me not to worry about

it, but I insist on finding out.  Finally he looks over his left shoulder, then his

right and then turns back to me and looks me dead in the eyes.  “ If you tell

anyone, I will fucking kill you!”  So I’m a little apprehensive at this point but I

still want to know.


And this is what Andy says to me…” You know that movie Home Alone… you

know the kid (puts his hand on his cheeks) aaawwww… I’m him.” Fuck! no

way! I take a good hard look at him and it is!! It was fucking Macaulay Culkin.

If thats how you spell his name… But I was fucking partying with Macaulay

Culkin all fucking night… So I race over to tell my friends and they dont be-

lieve me, so we go back to the bar so I can show my friends and he took off

with these 2 hookers!


It was an awesome night!”





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