December 9, 2022

The Daily Snooze! Brain Damage, Wal-Mart, Hackers, Murder, Epidemics, Greed

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Occupy protester out of hospital with police induced brain damage…(thanks to AB for passing this story along a FEW days ago)New York town pools money to block Wal-Mart and open their own store!

Hacker badasses Anonymous and TeaMp0ison have teamed up to steal credit card info (which will be covered by the credit card company’s insurance company) and give the money to charities in a project called Operation Robin Hood. How fucking awesome are they? I can’t even hack into my old Myspace account!

The New York Times decides to take a cue from their South American comrades and shows real life bloddy crime scene panoramas. Don’t click this if you don’t want to see actual murdered human beings…

Scientist tweaks H5N1 Bird Flu so it can now kill millions instead of hundreds. Hopes to publish a paper explaining how it was done! YAY for bio-terror!

Elvis Costello urges fans not to buy his overpriced box set. He says the record companies are ripping people off. Fucking awesome!

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  1. check out the scott olsen clips for yours truly, ( i got the tan sweater and backpack). yeah baby im on tv!!!

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