March 27, 2023

Thanksgiving I Drink Guide

Thanksgiving is coming… time to get wasted and talk about some fucked up Pilgrim shit!!

Here are a couple of classic drinks to get you there…

Hot Toddy!
Hot whiskey is simply the best recipe for that cold, wet November weather. These are simply delicious, and they will warm your belly in no time. Another tasty option is to make them with bourbon.

Mulled Cider
Next up in the warm and toasty department is hot apple cider, also known as mulled, with rum or with bourbon. Bourbon is my personal favorite, but both do the job just fine. This is a great recipe to use with some seasonal local apple cider and you can get the whole family involved in cooking up your booze on the stove! Precious moments.

Bourbon Eggnog
And now we have the classic winter eggnog- with an alcoholic twist! If you’re feeling adventurous with your drink mixing this holiday, why not try out a bourbon eggnog recipe? The worst that could happen is you get salmonella right? Just kidding!

And last but not least… what kind of beer should you really be drinking with that Turkey Dinner?

Turns out it’s a dunkelweizen. A blend of weissbier and dunkel, this is a wheat beer made from dark roasted grain that reportedly pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner. Sounds good to me!


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