June 6, 2023

Terrorism WINS in the U.K. | Govt. to record every call, email, & website visit

Memorize this face. This is the NEW most powerful man in the world. Sure he lives in a cave and rarely makes public appearances but apparently he is so scary that the United Kingdom has decided to strip its citizens of their personal privacy to protect them from this man. Yes, this will allow the security and police authorities to track every phone call, email, text message and website visit made by the public if they argue it is needed to tackle crime or terrorism. The information will include who is contacting whom, when and where and which websites are visited, but not the content of the conversations or messages. (yeah right) As if it weren’t plainly obvious when going through an airport, or turning on the news each day, the Terrorists won and will continue to win as long as the civilized world continues to be full of bureaucratic pussies. And if you aren’t worried about the government snooping on your phone calls or emails or website visits then you need to get a cooler life! 🙂

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