February 9, 2023
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Tat-Tuesday / Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2

I am not a fan of graffiti used as tattoo imagery. To me it does not translate correctly. But Graffiti artist’s as tattooers… That is a match made in heaven.

tthu thats the hook up graffiti tattoo vol 2 book

Graffiti Tattoo Vol 1. pretty much showcased just that, tattoos of graffiti (Boring). However, Graffiti Tattoo Vol.2 looks to peer deeper into the work of former vandals turned tattooers. Hopefully they present more than just names on people and show more of what the artists have to offer. Frankly, I am excited about the follow up. Here is some more information on the new release:

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2 is an impressive and well-researched reference work that documents the transition graffiti artists are increasingly making into the tattoo world. With their eye for color and mastery of lettering and wild styles, these spray paint virtuosos are changing the face of the tattoo business worldwide.

They use a language filled with graffiti style burners and characters that go far beyond the standard tribal designs and sailor styles. While the first book allowed a rare glimpse into this movement, this much larger successor provides a full-blown compendium of this fantastic art on the most difficult canvas of all: skin.

More than 65 of the best artists and international stars of the scene are featured in this book: Adrian 1 aka Exez, All One, Bezerc One Imok, Big Sleeps aka Enemy, Billy »Flip« Mccoy, Carlos Fahrina, Cees, Ch2, Charlie Shazer, Chez 1, Circle, Crome, Crone aka Rossano Rossi Roncelli, Dan Gold, Daniel »Dufo« Grunditz, Deno, Dorian Serpa, Eaz One, Eric Holmstrom, Fel3000ft, Fibs, Fishero, Franz Jäger, Frog, Fuzi, Jesus Cuesta, Juan Carlos, Juse1, Keet D’Arms, Kev Grey aka Pise , Kinjal Mitra, Leets, Live 2, Logan, Los aka Done, Luis Mendonça, Marco Wagner aka Sheas, Mario Desa, Mark 1 , Marode, Maze & Jeks, Mr. Went , Notch 56, Posk, Ques, Richard Sorensen aka Rase02, Sabe, Scotty 76, Serione, Seve aka Doing, Siren, Sky, Smog One, Špendlo aka Kasa, Stigma One, Super Timor , Swok aka Martijn Van Steenwijk, Tim, Timmi Mensah, Turbo, Turkesa, Veiz and Zeyo.

Release date: 27th of February 2012

Take a look inside the book here!

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2
by Alain KET Mariduena & Don STONE Karl
format: 24 x 31cm (12,2 x 9,4 inches)
240 full color pages
photographs: 750 photos & illustrations
English edition

ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-937946-35-1
Price Hardcover: 29,95 € / £ 29,99 / US $ 39,95

Check the sneak peek HERE and go buy a book you uneducated chumps!


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