December 9, 2022

Talk about a bad day at the office! UC DAVIS Chancellor’s Walk of Shame by AB

I’m pretty sure just about everyone has seen the video of “Occupy UC Davis Police pepper spraying and arresting students 11-18-11”. It spread pretty fast in just a few hours. The video shows Police pepper spraying students who are sitting down in a line on the ground linking arms at point blank range. It seemed the use of the pepper spray was completely uncalled for! What do you think?

Now, news about the officers who did this.

“Officers in pepper spray incident placed on leave”
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California university placed two of its police officers on administrative leave Sunday because of their involvement in the pepper spraying of passively sitting protesters, while the school’s chancellor accelerated a task force’s investigation into the incident amid calls for her resignation. Read More here.

How did students react to this video?

“THE UNBEARABLE SOUND OF SILENCE: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Walks To Her Car After Pepper-Spraying Outrages The World”

The chancellor of UC Davis, Linda Katehi, walks to her car as hundreds of students protest in silence.
The students are protesting the campus police pepper-spraying of a line of seated, quiet protesters, an act that has outraged most people who have seen the video of it.
Katehi has so far rebuffed calls for her resignation.
Watch until the end…”

For more videos and info on police brutality click here.

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