January 28, 2023

Supreme Nunchucks

We truly do live in an age of consumerism, which I believe has risen to new levels. Brands can now just throw their name on something, literally anything, once the brand is established and the cash will start flowing. How does a brand go from repping skateboards to selling incense, nunchucks and fixed gear bikes? What’s next? Temporary tattoos or g-strings?

One thought on “Supreme Nunchucks

  1. As far as I know DAMJN put game on Nunchucks years ago. A lot of skepticism towards the choice of this particular Martial Arts weapon being placed in our designs and didn’t make any sense to people. I felt that I needed a tool with purpose…something uncommon that represents me and not just a typical symbol used by many such as guns etc (not that I don’t mind guns). The original Nunchaku consists of two sticks, a chain or rope and is complex in its use.

    The sticks are made out of wood which symbolizes Strength,Longevity, and Expansion. Wood is a manipulating element that can be used for almost everything.

    Chained Metal links symbolizes unity, brotherhood, Struggle, and for those of you who had run-ins with the Law I’m sure you can understand the relation of chains within your lifestyle.

    I understand and believe that certain fashion is NOT for everyone..and it shouldn’t be. To claim that your aesthetic is “Strictly” for everyone…its not true..not everything is for every individual. There is reason to all my designs and how it relates to my lifestyle or others whether past, present, or future. Its not just bandwagon product I create …its real life translated through art. If you can’t relate to it…than its simply not for you.

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