June 4, 2023

Support Your Local Jailbird | Donate to ETHER

Thanks to ALPH for this one as well…

As many of you know UTAH and Ether got nabbed this year for writing on other people’s property. UTAH did her time and I am positive the system rehabilitated her and she will never write on anyone’s property again. ETHER is stewing in Suffolk County House of Corrections on 23 hour lockdown because as you know graffiti art is a gateway crime to rape and murder. For any of you who have ever done time or at the very least have been stuck in a defensive driving class for 8 hours you know how shitty it is to be away from your friends and family and tv and hobby and fresh air, etc., etc. This is one of those moments that by doing just a little you can really make someone’s day or week or year! Here’s the info straight from UTAH’s blog…

Our good friend Ether has embarked on (another) 6 month vacation, this time courtesy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! A bunch of people have hit me up asking for info on where to write him/send him books/ etc. So many people, in fact, that I honestly can’t remember all of them, or their emails or phone numbers, and as such, I figured it would be easiest for me to just post his contact info here:

Jim Clay Harper VI
Suffolk County House of Corrections
20 Bradston Street
Boston, MA 02118

For everyone who has asked me about sending books, be aware that Suffolk County HOC only accepts paperback books shipped from either amazon.com (no 3rd party/used book sellers) or barnesandnobel.com. His amazon.com wishlist is here! Being that Boston is pretty much the most boring place ever under normal circumstances, you can only imagine how ridiculously mind-numbing it is being on 23-hour lockdown there, so any reading materials are greatly appreciated.

Oh and also, I’m sure I don’t have to mention anything about how if you are writing a letter you shouldn’t write anything super bait. Or how if you are a “real nigga” who does “real things”, you probably shouldn’t sign your real name, or put your real return address on the envelope or anything like that. So yeah, I won’t mention it.

For everyone who asked me about sending money, please make money orders out to Jim Clay Harper VI (include ID #) and send them to the above address.

ALSO, if anyone wants to write him but feels kinda uncomfortable mailing letters directly to him in jail, you can also send them to:

P.O.Box 604843
Bayside, NY 11360

Once again, don’t send him your fucking tag or any info about bad shit you do because cops read this shit and they will then have your home address and enough evidence to make you ETHER’s cellmate.

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