December 10, 2022

4 thoughts on “Sundance Film Festival 2012 – Hanging with the Bones Brigade

  1. Its rad to see you brought the good camera out! Just busting your balls cause I wish I could have been there, you lucky bastard!

  2. Where is Kevin Harris (the Canadian member of the PP freestyle triumvirate)? Lost to history? God, I remember buying a freestyle board when I was 14. Worst decision I ever made.

  3. I know, I definitely wasn’t stoked about the blurry photos but it captured the moment. It was definitely a surreal experience

  4. I remember harris, in fact, they repro’ed his deck a few years ago where he was dressed up as a mountie. Sorry you went down that path…it could have prepared you for a lifetime of fruitbooting or roll bounce though!

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