December 5, 2022

Student Arrested for Glitter Bombing Mitt Romney | Video

This is how we know the terrorists won. 20-year-old, Peter Smith, from the University of Colorado Boulder, decided to show his angst towards prop 8 by throwing glitter at Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He was charged with misdemeanor charges of creating a disturbance, unlawful acts on school property, and wait for it THROWING A MISSILE!!! Yep, we are such a pussy-ass nation that a kid throwing glitter is a crime, and its name is Throwing a Missile. Remember when Bush had a shoe thrown at him? What kind of crime was that? A dirty bomb? We need to grow up; this shit is embarassing.

Here’s some other dbags getting glitter bombed…

Newt Gingrich gets his glitter attack!

Rick Santorum too!

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