January 28, 2023

Starbucks posing as a small business


Starbucks opens Roy Street Coffee & Tea on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, the second of three stores it plans in Seattle that are “inspired by Starbucks” but don’t carry its name.


They sell things like wine, beer and gourmet cheese plates that are not on typical Starbucks menus and could not be easily mass produced. As a small business owner I find this very ironic.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks posing as a small business

  1. I’ve worked in 4 different coffee shops in my day, and none of them treat their employees as well as Starbucks. Starbucks offers ACTUAL BENEFITS (well, 1/2) to their employees after 3 months. They also do a ton of promotion from within. Beats the last coffee shop I worked at where I was fired because my hands were too shaky.

    In terms of marketing, this is pretty genius. Starbucks serves atmosphere as much as coffee. This seems like a step up in their game. I bet people will still buy $2 worth of coffee and loiter on their laptops for 6 hours.

    It’s funny how much branding affects consumption of products. Phillip Morris, the cig manufacturer, changed their corporate name to Altria and their stock skyrocketed.

    Your store fucking owns.

  2. Yeah, I buy coffee from Starbucks everyday. You can’t get rid of corporations but you can support them if they treat their workers well. As a small biz owner though it’s funny-we are always trying to make our place look more put together like a corporation and now you have corporations trying to junk their places up. I always get these kids in here who pick out a western shirt that is used and they are excited about it until they find out it is vintage. Then they are like oooohh grosss and they go to urban outfitters. funny thing is most of the westerns at urban are relabeled and used. I used to work with the buyer for urban and saw firsthand how much of the clothing there starts out used, gets a few pieces of elastic and a new label and is sold for $60. is that irony?

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