December 6, 2022

Spend Money, Support Arts and Crafts | Holiday Gifts Idea

When you have some money to spend, it is important to spend and support what you love.
It is important to understand where things you appreciate are coming from, and who is making them.
We have improved technology and we also have improved efficiency of manufacturing and productivity, also improved product efficiency which I mean that when we create products we often try to get rid of extra features and details to save the cost, and focus on main functionality/purpose.
(IKEA furniture is good example, some of their stuff are designed and made very smart way, and affordable. The purpose of each product seems very clear, straight forward for what it is but there is nothing besides, or there is no good surprise in their products comparing to furnitures that crafted by some skilled woodworker)
We have lost some qualities from stuff we use daily in the past years which I think sad but at the same time, it was necessary transition. Same as farming, there are still few producing vegetables and fruits organic way, and that’s how they make their living. If more people buy products from those, they will have more next year, and it may become more accessible to more people, also it will also protect the organic land.

It is always nice to see some people are trying to bring back “good old crafts” to current and the next generation.
It may sound corny but, when I have money to spend, I’d rather buy stuff that’s made by craftsman then automated machinery line

Anyways, if you are not done with holiday shopping yet, how about supporting crafts and get some unique and quality gifts for your partner, family and friends.

1.Support Your Local Sign Painter T-Shirt

2.Stanley & Sons Tote Bag (Hand Crafted in NY)

3.King Brown Magazine *Nepentethes New York Exclusive*
Not a crafted product, but Nepentethes NY has some great magazines for people who is into graffiti, street art, visual art, etc.

4.Prints(Mollusk Surf Shop)
Silkscreen Prints are always nice to give away as a gift, and it will support the artists.

And, you can of course buy some of my crafts through 13 Forrest Gallery, and Lot F gallery.

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