February 2, 2023

SKRIPT Does | NYC Ace Hotel Edition

Recently I got a chance to hit up illest little city this side of Boston… NYC. I got to check out all the soho stores and gorge myself on some pretty rad food. If you are going to stay anywhere in New York, and got some coin to burn, I would highly suggest the ACE Hotel. It is by far my favorite hotel I have ever stayed at and by the amount I have been traveling recently, I have seen my fair share of hotels. Every detail in this joint is spot on and trendy as shit.

Here a just a few of the details

The Lobby, that was plastered with black and white scans of usps tagged stickers.

My floor on the the 3rd. Nice little graphic explaining where is where in this piece.

To the Room!

Up in here was the illest little surprise… a Chrome (Google’s browser, not metal) netbook. Allowing you to surf the web at your leisure, for free!

Upon inspecting the mini bar snacks, I cam upon this..

Come to find out, the Ace is doing a collab with the Impossible Project, a team devoted to saving Polaroids, by producing their own film and accessories. In conjunction with cameras and film in every room, they had a polaroid show in the lobby.

My favorite set in the show.

From my travels, i have learned that to truly tell whether a hotel is amazing, is by the food they serve.The Ace has the Breslin, and it has some of the best food I’ve had in a while. Its a French joint with a rotating menu that keeps people coming back.

The staff here is super knowledgeable about the entire menu, and can recommend something you’ll most likely love. I would suggest going in a big group so you can try everyone else’s dish. Everything i tried was absolutely on point. Here is what I went with that night.

A Pablo Honey. A tequila based mixed drink.

A meat pie for an appetizer.

For the main course, I had the poussin. Which is a small chicken cooked in balsamic vinegar that is garnished with spinach, potatoes, and topped off with a delicious wine tomato sauce.

Of course you have to get dessert! I went with a sundae. Vanilla ice cream served with fried bananas, macadamia nuts, whipped cream, and caramel.

Nailed it!

Cap the night off with a few of these:

And you are good to go! (Matilda by Goose Island Brewery)

All In All, the best hotel EVER!


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