June 9, 2023

Skript Does | China | The Weird

When it comes to China, the weird, well at least to me, sticks out like a sore thumb. Not to say that any of this is bad, it just took some time getting used to it. Things like, the length of time is takes to get a meal, the amount of people on scooters, how little graffiti I saw on the streets, that nap time really does exist in the work place, and that their chips ahoy tastes delicious! Also, at least in mainland China, the blocking of Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Daily Motion, most big channel sites like NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, LA Times, anything that was to do with US military, basically anything containing opinionated video. One thing that I found fascinating was the amount of custom vehicles that were born out of necessity.(You’ll see in the Gallery)

Here are some the shots I took along the way. I have pulled the ones out of the gallery that might need more explanation.

No worries, just traveling around with my humongous propane tank on this overly crowded street. No biggie.

USA pride in Hong Kong? Why not?! You would think that you’d be in the deep south at a rest stop.

Just as infatuated with cats as we are.

This one is a tad strange. 3 Hispanic children stacked on top of each other for a tissue graphic. No words…

Sweet Taro Pie. One of the delicious pie options offered by McDonalds. Actually not too bad. (Taro is a root)

Not too sure why the packaging and logo is different.

Mmm, Mexican tomato chicken flavor, just how mom used to make!

Maybe a tad lost in translation.

Chow Chow’s playing on the street.

Open air butcher shops. Not too sure this would be my first place to grab some meat.

The Official getup of Chinese scooterists. Helmet, oven mitts, and very often a jacket worn backwards.

Another amazing example of lost in translation. Although I really don’t understand where they were going with this one.

Very common in China, full families on scooters.

I still want to look classy, but I don’t want to inhale that much smoke…


6 thoughts on “Skript Does | China | The Weird

  1. Also, it’s probably tastier, more hygenic, and more humane than typical USA factory-farm meat in your grocery store.

  2. The thing that threw me is the smell of the meat, and the whole cleanliness of the joint. Also they do just kind of creep me out just because.

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