December 6, 2022

Skript Does | China | The Environment

Coming into China I didn’t really know what I was in for in terms of the environment. I knew that it was going to be jam packed with people, but knew little about the climate and surroundings. Not only is this country HUGE, it has quite the amount of lush green trees, massive water ports, and rolling hills. Here are few of the pics along the way. I pulled some of these out of the gallery, the ones that i thought needed some elaboration.

This was the beast of the trip. Our noble stead that brought us all around mainland China. Driving in China is out of control and i will dive into that deeply in the next post.

Another huge way of traveling in China is by ferry. Pretty much just a high end water bus. This was shot on the way back to Hong Kong from mainland China.

This is very common in China. Massive billboards with nothing on them. Struck me as very odd.

If they can put a cute character on on something, they will.

Designer toy culture is HUGE in china. This was taken in hong kong at a toy shop.

While in Hong Kong, you have to hit up the Trendy Zone in the Kowloon area. They are packed to the brim with really awesome streetwear and culture shops. Really nice quality, limited edition stuff, and quite the collection of kicks! I Bought this jacket at a place called Double Dog. Definitely try on everything! Sizes run pretty small in China.

The Packaging.

This was taken at the Jade Market. Prior to this, I had zero haggling skills, but by the time I left, I was as good as a nana at a yard sale.

You can usually track down a good german beer when you are in China, which I was very thankful for!

This is a very common view traveling through China.

As well as this.

Touring a textile factory. These threads are for one fabric, shit blew my mine.

The rest is up to you browse though!


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